The Johnson Family

Built on the Foundation of Love, Hope & Perserverance


Mon. 2/7 5:00 PM Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all who were born in Feb!

Sun. 3/13 3:00 PM Reunion Meeting

Meeting at the home of Warren Reese.

Sun. 5/1 All day Family Payments due

All payments must be paid by this due date. Please submit payments to any finance workgroup leader.

3:00 PM Final Family Reunion Meeting Due to Mother's Day being on the 8th of May, the Administration for the 2011 Johnson Family Reunion, decided to move the final meeting to May 1st in order to give family members the opportunity to spend time with their mothers, spouses, etc. Also, re... more
Sun. 5/15 3:00 PM Final Work Group Leaders Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to solidify the logistics of the family reunion and to accept additional payments and distribute bracelets to family members and friends.

Mon. 5/16 8:00 AM T-Shirt Payments Due

All payments for t-shirts and other paraphernelia are due on this date.

Thu. 5/26 5:00 PM Food Preparation for the Family Reunion

To clean the chicken and prep the food for cooking.

Fri. 5/27 9:00 AM Final Payment Date of Fees & obtain bracelets

This is the final day to pay fees and obtain bracelets for the family reunion as no payments or no new bracelets will be accepted or given at the gate.

2:00 PM Food Preparation for the family reunion

To prep and clean the food.

Sat. 5/28 11:00 AM Family Reunion

Location: The Johnson Courtyard

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